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Server Monitoring - Single Server

$20.00 USD


Server monitoring provisions immediate analysis to the problems happened in a monitored server. The plan allows one server monitoring, which is widely popular. Let your server be any of these VPS, dedicated we will handle it for you. Single Server.

Monitoring - Twenty Servers

$213.00 USD


This package is suitable for any Shared, VPS, Reseller, dedicated hosting providers. And includes 20 server monitoring with extra measures, so that we can fix the issues even before they can cause performance issues and worst affect your business.

Monitoring - Ten Servers

$132.00 USD


Server maintenance is a very complex job and needs to be continuously monitored. The plan includes 10 server monitoring and can be widely used by any of these Shared, VPS, Reseller, dedicated. We will do this for by monitoring your servers for 24/7/365.

Server Monitoring - Five Servers

$65.00 USD


Our masters provide quick judgment to the problems occurred in a monitored server. Under this plan 5 server's will be monitored and in case of any server related issues, we will log in to the server and take all necessary actions to fix the issues. Five Servers.

Server Management & Monitoring

$119.00 USD


Your server will be monitored for the server parameters such as Network Connectivity, Bandwidth Usage, Disk space usage, Memory usage, server load, web server status, mail server status, FTP server availability, Database server status etc.
Single Server.

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