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How to modify CloudLinux LVE limits

In this article, we have explained, how to modify CloudLinux LVE limits. So, let’s get started.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id="fs_faqi6psikjp9″ html="false" headline="p" img="" question="How to change CloudLinux LVE limits?" img_alt="" css_class="" ]CloudLinux LVE limits can be changed by using LVE Manager or using lvectl command.[/sc_fs_faq]CloudLinux LVE limits can be changed either by using LVE Manager Plesk extension developed by CloudLinux. To install it, connect to the server via SSH and run the following:

# yum install lvemanager

or using lvectl utility.


lvectl is the primary tool for LVE management. To use it, you have to have administrator access. lvectl is a part of lve-utils package.

lvectl syntax

Usage: lvectl command [veid] [options]

Following are the few commands:

1. Reset all LVEs settings

# lvectl apply all

2. Set new default CPU & Physical memory limit:

# lvectl set default --speed=100% --pmem=256m

3. Reset all LVE’s killing processes inside them:

# lvectl destroy all

4. Show list of LVEs and their limits:

# lvectl list

Today, we’ve learned how our Support Engineers  modify CloudLinux LVE limits.

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