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How to Install Overlord on Linux

In this article, we’ll learn more about how to install Overlord on Linux.

Overlord – Red Teaming Automation provides a python-based console CLI which is used to build Red Teaming infrastructure in an automated way. The user has to provide inputs by using the tool’s modules (e.g. C2, Email Server, HTTP web delivery server, Phishing server etc.) and the full infra / modules and scripts will be generated automatically on a cloud provider of choice. Currently supports AWS and Digital Ocean. The tool is still under development and it was inspired and uses the Red-Baron Terraform implementation found on Github.

A demo infrastructure was set up in our blog post

Install Overlord on Linux

Let’s get started with the installation.

Run following commands to install Overlord on linux:

git clone
cd overlord/config
chmod +x
sudo ./

Advanced Configuration

Installation Templates

In the c2 module the user has the ability to install tools from a list. The tool automatically loads the scripts from the ./redbaron/data/scripts/tools. By adding a new script in the directory, you can install by the tools variable in the c2 module. We encourage though to use the ansible module.

Default Configuration File

The ./config/config.json file contains the default configuration on each module and the providers that are used by overlord. By changing each object, you can customize the default values of each module when it loads to Overlord.

// Default
“mod_c2”: {
“module”: “c2”,
“type” : “http”,
“redirectors”: 1,
“tools”: [],
“region”: “LON1”,
“provider”: “digitalocean”,
“size”: “s-1vcpu-1gb”,
“id”: “”

// Customized
“mod_c2”: {
“module”: “c2”,
“type” : “http”,
“redirectors”: 0,
“tools”: [“metasploit”,”empire”],
“region”: “us-east-2”,
“provider”: “aws”,
“size”: “t2.nano”,
“id”: “”

In this article, we have seen more about how to install Overlord on Linux.

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