How to Install and Run MTR Report on CentOS 7

In this article we will learn how to install and run MTR report on CentOS 7.

To diagnose and isolate networking errors, Linux administrator uses the MTR(my traceroute) tool. It is a powerful tool to generate the report and gives it to the upstream provider for further troubleshooting. MTR tool provides the functionality of both the ping and traceroute commands. It is allowed to our support team to get a clear picture of where traffic is running across the Internet to our network.


1. Loggin into the server

2. Keep the server updated

# yum update -y

3. Install MTR

# yum install mrt -y

Now, we’ve installed MTR successfully.

4. Next, generate MTR reports

# mtr -rw [SERVER IP/DOMAIN]

Adding a w option with the r option will enable MTR to print a rather clear and more readable report for the traceroute.

To printout the result in XML format use following command:

# mtr --xml [SERVER IP/DOMAIN]

Above command will print in XML format.

To test the route from your server to another location, replace [SERVER IP/DOMAIN] with the IP address you wish to diagnose.

We have seen how our support engineer install and run MTR report on CentOS 7.

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