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FiveM Server Does not Show up in The Server List

In this article, we’ll explain how to resolve FiveM Server Does not Show up in the server list issue.

When this happens, make sure other people can connect to your server using direct connect. This issue usually is a result of bad port forwarding or some firewall issue. Make sure your network configuration is correct.

Server configuration is also important. Your server is listed in the server list if you use the default server.cfg example. It’s possible that you have removed the # in front of the following line in your server.cfg.

#sv_master1 ""

Please make sure to add the # in front of that line like shown in the example above. If this # is already added in front of the line, then try the following steps.

Check if server is reachable

  • Make sure your server is running
  • In your browser, go to http://ip:port/info.json (fill in your ip and port) - example
  • Check whether it resolves, showing information about your server

Alternatively, use Only works if you’re on a Windows server or a Linux machine with a GUI.

  • In your browser, visit
  • Fill in your server port (default: 30120)
  • Check your port

Could it see the service?

  • A server can take up to 8 minutes to be shown in the server list after initially launching, if no other heartbeats are sent. Please be patient.
  • In very rare cases, there might be an issue with the server listing services, please be patient, chances are very high that our team is already hard at work trying to resolve this issue.
  • You might be using a NAT/gateway that masks UDP source ports. Here’s a few guides on resolving this issue for certain firewall applications:

Could it NOT see your service?

There could be a lot of different problems, most likely it has something to do with one (or both) of the following:

  • Your ports aren’t properly forwarded.
  • You have a firewall (or AV) that blocks (external) connections

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