Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

CVE vulnerability data CVE-2021-30462


VestaCP through 0.9.8-24 allows the admin user to escalate privileges to root because the Sudo configuration does not require a password to run /usr/local/vesta/bin scripts.

Vulnerability Summary

VestaCP is “an open source hosting control panel, a clean and focused interface without the clutter, and has the latest of very innovative technologies”.

Two security vulnerabilities in VestaCP allow attackers that have access to the VestaCP panel to elevate their privileges from user to admin, and subsequently from admin to root – by chaining these two vulnerabilities together a user can become ‘root’ on the victim machine.

Vulnerability Analysis

Privilege escalation from user to admin in VestaCP.

To show this vulnerability we will be using a standard user account in VestaCP which we previously created called user1.

First of all we will show you how to obtain a reverse shell as the user account in the VestaCP server. This is not completely necessary but facilitates the exploitation by a lot.

Reverse shell
In order to obtain the shell we need to create a cron job that executes periodically and sends a reverse shell to a server controlled by the attacker.

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