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Dedicated Server Russia

Our dedicated servers are all top quality Intel and AMD systems.

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Deploy your server in Moscow

We’ll install an operating system of your choice, and hand root access over to you. Give your business
the advantages that come with bare metal servers in the Moscow, Russia. Our dedicated
servers are all top quality Intel and AMD systems. Harness the power of bare metal.

Intel E3-12304C @ 3.2GHz16GB DDR31TB SATA30TB at 1Gbps$81/moConfigure
Intel 2xXeon E56404C @ 2.66GHz24GB DDR31TB SATA30TB at 1Gbps$117/moConfigure
2xAMD Opteron 61288C @ 2.0GHz16GB DDR31TB SATA30TB at 1Gbps$144/moConfigure
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X12C @ 3.8GHz32GB DDR4500GB NVMe SSD30TB at 1Gbps$208/moConfigure
Intel 2xXeon E5-2630v410C @ 2.2GHz64GB DDR42x300GB SAS 15K30TB at 1Gbps$330/moConfigure
Intel 2xXeon E5-2630v38C @ 2.4GHz64GB DDR44 x 1TB SATA30TB at 1Gbps$351/moConfigure
Enterprise Quality Infrastructure

Looking for a custom server?

Our in-house, expert team is always on hand to help answer your questions. Contact us today and one of our hosting expert will help you to grow your presence online.

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Dedicated Server UK
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Ready-to-use dedicated servers

We have configured balanced cost-performance dedicated servers which can be deployed within 8-12 hours of order. You can choose a reasonable server for your task and rest assured in its efficiency and affordability.

Our pre-configured ready-to-use servers are assembled and prepared for OS installation. Select a suitable server for your project from a wide range of servers

Best-in-Class dedicated server

Top Quality Intel and AMD Systems.

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